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Goat Cay - Private Island Bahamas



Located in the northern section of the Berry Islands, Goat Cay represents one of the last remaining undeveloped private islands available for freehold purchase at a reasonable price. This 21.96 acre island is in a protected bay and is sheltered from direct exposure to the Atlantic Ocean. One lovely aspect of the island is the elevation which rises to just shy of 50 feet in the centre of the island as well as a few hills with 30 – 40 foot elevations affording numerous building sites. Although the island does not have extensive beach there is a sandy area in the northwest section of the island that can be further enhanced without too much difficulty. There are a few good locations for docking facilities. The island is heavily wooded with many native old growth hard woods. Bullocks Harbour, the nearest town, is just 4.6 miles away on the popular and beautiful Great Harbour Cay featuring an international airport with customs and immigration facilities.

Bedrooms: 0 Bathrooms: 0 Not furnished Private Island 914760 sq. ft Floors: 0 Year Built: – KCK-142207

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