The Bahamas

The Islands of The Bahamas are unlike any place on earth. So unique that most travelers never want to leave. The Bahamas is made up of an estimated 700 Islands and Cays spread over 100,000 square miles of crystal clear waters. The name Bahamas is derived from the Spanish name "Baja Mar" meaning shallow water or sea. Not only does The Bahamas have the clearest waters in the world but it also enjoys beautifully warm weather all year around. The Bahamas constantly finds itself as the #1 destination for travels escaping the fridged winter snow. The Bahamas is located 90 miles west off the coast of Florida which makes traveling to The Bahamas very convenient, only a short 30 minute flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. There are also daily international flights from all over the world including USA, Canada, UK and China just to name a few. Along with its beautiful weather and location The Bahamas has proven to be a stable, democratic and secure environment for all locals and visitors alike making it a very desirable place for real estate developments, mega resort destinations and second home buyers.
New Providence Island is the Capital of The Bahamas and has the greatest population of all the island in The Bahamas, an estimated population of 350,000 people along with 4 million visitors annually via cruise ships and airlines. New providence or commonly referred to as Nassau (the capitals city) has so much to offer everyone. Whether you're looking to explore a new adventure or simply enjoy a relaxing beach escape, Nassau has numerous award winning hotels and resorts such as the famous, world renowned Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island or the largest casino in the Caribbean at Baha Mar Resort. If you're looking for more than a vacation, Nassau will not disappoint with first class amenities, top-notch beachfront developments such as Ocean Club Estates, home to Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey, fine dining restaurants experiences in Nobu and Todd English Olives, upscale shopping which includes Gucci, Rolex, Michael Kors and John Bull just to name a few. Nassau is also a great place to raise a family with internationally certified schools, large US style organic grocery stores and safe, gated communities. For those looking for the comforts of home, Nassau also has the best of both worlds with all major franchises such as McDonalds, Subway, Burger-king and Starbucks with 11 convenient locations.
Banking is single handedly one of the most important assets when choosing a place to invest or relocate. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is a very stable and secure nation with a number of Bahamian and Off-shore banks which offer services such as private accounts, wealth & asset management, investments, and fiduciary services. To safeguard the external value of the Bahamian dollar, which is fixed at a 1:1 parity with the United States dollar. The responsibility for the administration of Exchange Control Regulations is vested solely with the Central Bank of The Bahamas, which maintains the country's external reserves. The administration of exchange controls has been relaxed considerably over the years, marked by increased annual foreign currency allowances for residents and the delegation of increased approval authority to commercial banks. Corporate and personal accounts can also be established, online banking is also offered for convenience. Residency status can also be obtained, through an attorney, for non Bahamian citizens upon purchase of a home greater than $500,000 in value. Many of our clients have enjoyed residency status allowing for corporate ownership of non Bahamian companies registered in the Bahamas as a holding company or trust which benefit from a tax free status in The Bahamas.