Investment Opportunities

R.E. Properties Ltd wants to invite you to be a part of our unique Investment Opportunities. Our portfolio is made up over 100 Million Dollars invested in profitable investments throughout the Bahamas. Here at R.E. Properties, we understand that investing involves a professional business relationship, which is our number one priority. We ensure that all of our clients investments are secured, backed by assets and/or equity. It is our main goal to obtain the highest quality investments, in which we negotiate the best maximum terms for your investments. R.E. Properties also provides extensive Joint Venture experience, Development, and ownership alliances as part of our core strategy. We offer attractive deal structures, Local market presence on a global scale, and Streamlined internal approval process. 

R.E. Properties Ltd can provide and source investment opportunities that will yield high level returns far greater than funds deposited in a bank. Investors can enjoy excellent secure returns on their capital with no work or involvement required. As no two investors requirements are alike, we would first hold confidential discussions with an investor to determine their goals, financial capability and required yield returns on capital to ensure these are achieved. We have many private investment opportunities in good trading businesses, real estate, management buy outs, private mortgages, business expansions, resorts, condominiums and housing developments.