The Best Caribbean Country to Live in

United Nations Human Development report recently named The Bahamas the best Caribbean country to live in.

The Bahamas was the highest-ranked country in the Caribbean Community, at 55th in the world, followed by Barbados at 57 and Antigua and Barbuda at 58.

"What’s the best Caribbean country to live in?

Right now, it’s the Bahamas, according to the 2015 edition of the United Nations Human Development report.

The report, which first launched 25 years ago, aims to explore development not using economic indicators, but with a "new approach for advancing human wellbeing.”

It looks at three major criteria: life expectancy, income and education — with an eye at quality of life.

The Bahamas had a combined life expectancy at birth of 75.4, along with 12.6 expected years of schooling and a gross national income of $21,336 adjusted for purchasing power parity."